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Alexander McMeeking MD FACP

The most comprehensive HIV care and treatment for better living.

Your Medical Concierge

Top quality health care should not come at the expense of insurance limitations. You should have full access to your doctor as well as flexible payment options. Our office prides itself on catering to our patients’ needs.

We provide full access to our physicians so, no matter your situation, you will never be without medical care. Patients can be seen by appointment or even same day. In the case of emergencies, patients can be transferred to NYU Medical Center where they will be tended to by Dr. McMeeking personally.

Dr. McMeeking is happy to work with any client regardless of insurance. Our office personalizes flexible payment plans to each client’s specific health care cost needs.

With full accessibility and flexible payment options based on out of network benefits, you can be sure to receive the best and most convenient medical care from Dr. Alexander McMeeking.