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HIV screening

If you have been exposed and believe you are suffering from the signs and symptoms of HIV, you should get tested immediately. There are a few different HIV screening tests that specialists use to determine whether or not you have the virus. A Midtown HIV clinic uses the most effective tests possible, believing that every patient will benefit from early detection. While the virus can only be treated, early detection will help you find the best way to manage the illness in the early stages of infection. HIV screening usually tests your saliva or blood, in order to determine a diagnosis. However, there are newer tests that can detect HIV up to 20 days earlier than previous tests.

Typically, a standard test was performed to check for HIV. NYC test center doctors would take a sample, typically of blood (though urine and saliva could also be used), which would then be sent to a lab for testing. Typically, HIV takes two to eight weeks to produce antibodies within your body. However, some individuals take up to six months to produce antibodies. In these cases, standard HIV testing won’t show a positive result for months.

These days, however, you can get results much more quickly. For example, there are antibody/antigen tests recommended by the CDC, which check for an antigen that manifests in your body sooner than other virus-related antibodies. There are also rapid antibody tests. The results for this type of test will usually come back in under 30 minutes, giving you the peace of mind you need. Moreover, the sooner you get results, the sooner you’ll be able to get treatment. You’ll learn about managing your symptoms as they arise and your quality of life will be much better.

NYC HIV test center

Obviously, you will want the best care available, if you’ve been exposed to HIV. Doctors at a Midtown HIV clinic offer the latest testing and diagnostic procedures, giving you the best opportunities for managing your disease. Doctors will help you learn how to effectively deal with signs and symptoms of HIV. The disease many not be curable, but with the right treatment plan you will be able to keep the symptoms dormant or as minimal as possible.

HIV testing from a Midtown HIV clinic will help you to not feel like a victim. It may seem inconsequential, but having answers and being able to ask questions during an NYC HIV test will empower you to take care of yourself and provide the tools and knowledge to manage your disease effectively.