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Living with HIV

Treatment for HIV has come a long way since the disease first reared its head. Living with HIV is much more manageable now with the different options of treatment for HIV and different HIV medication options. Your HIV doctor has worked tirelessly to discover the best treatment for HIV and, while there is no cure yet, an HIV doctor everywhere has made living with HIV as normal as possible.

In addition to HIV medication, there are different methods of treatment for HIV that make managing HIV a lot easier. Since HIV attacks the immune system, living with HIV makes you susceptible to common illnesses and ailments that can be extremely damaging to your already weakened immune system. For this reason, an HIV doctor will stress healthy living when you’re managing HIV. Healthy living with HIV will keep the immune system as healthy as possible and the HIV medication will try to contain the hijacking of healthy T cells. Together, managing HIV and taking HIV medication can help you live as normal a life as possible.

Some tips for healthy living with HIV:

When you’re managing HIV, healthy living can go a long way. While you should consult an HIV doctor before you make any drastic changes to your lifestyle, there are a few changes that can help your immune system be at its best even while battling HIV.

  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly. When you’re managing HIV, it’s important that you get all the nutrients that your body needs to stay as healthy as possible. Eating junk food won’t help your already damaged immune system; you want to give it as much help as you can to combat HIV. Exercise is a favorite of those living with HIV because of the endorphins created while working out. It makes you feel good and positivity can go a long way when you’re managing HIV.
  • Quit smoking and don’t abuse substances. Not only can drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes react badly with the HIV medication you’re taking, they can also significantly weaken your immune system. An HIV doctor will strongly advise against these activities when you’re living with HIV.
  • Take your medication as prescribed. The HIV medication prescribed to you by an HIV doctor is designed to make managing HIV and containing the disease possible. Without it, the disease will run rampant through your body. You should also not alter your HIV medication without consulting with an HIV doctor.
  • Be safe. Practice safe sex, wash your hands regularly, and keep your living area clean. This will prevent the spread of germs, and limiting your exposure will help you stay healthy longer.
  • Know what to look for. While symptoms of HIV may be brushed off as being caused by another disease, like the flu or strep throat, you need to see a doctor if you don’t begin to get better. At the first indication that something is wrong, consult with your HIV doctor immediately.

The disease doesn’t have to run your life when you’re living with HIV. If you’re managing HIV successfully, you can live your life mostly as you would if you didn’t have the disease.