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HIV and opportunistic infections

If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV, you’ll start to hear the term “opportunistic infections” a great deal. An HIV specialist in Midtown Manhattan will keep a close eye on your health as your HIV begins to progress and will take illnesses that would otherwise be easily treated very seriously. Opportunistic infections can appear frequently and on a more severe scale in people with HIV due to their compromised immune system. While the treatment for HIV has gotten much better over time and there are fewer cases of opportunistic infections, they do still occur. Patients may not actually be aware of their HIV infection yet or their treatment may not be as effective as it should be. HIV and opportunistic infections often go hand and hand and you should consult with an HIV specialist in Midtown Manhattan frequently during your treatment for monitoring.

The infections tend to follow the existence of HIV in a patient’s immune system. The CDC has compiled a list of common indicators that HIV has progressed, and there are some opportunistic infections that allow for a clear diagnosis. An infectious disease specialist in Midtown will be able to get a diagnosis and provide you with the best possible treatment method to start restoring your immune system. Keep in mind that screening for opportunistic infections can vary slightly depending on what the doctor is screening for.

Consult with an infectious disease specialist in Midtown

The worst thing you could do for yourself is let a condition go untreated. HIV and opportunistic infections do serious damage to your immune system and can be fatal if a specialist doesn’t address the conditions. Consult with an HIV specialist in Midtown Manhattan to get a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. The specialist will also be able to closely monitor the progression of the diseases or infections and will be able to judge how effective the treatment plan is or if it needs to be adjusted.

Take your health seriously and schedule an appointment with the best HIV doctor in NYC. You need to know you are getting the best care if you’re dealing with HIV and opportunistic infections because they can become very serious problems. If caught early, treatments can help restore your immune system and make it easier to fight off other infections.

An infectious disease specialist in Midtown is someone you need to have on your side if you’ve been diagnosed with HIV and opportunistic infections. Some can include: bacterial pneumonia, candidiasis, and cryptococcosis. These infections impact different parts of your body and need to be treated specifically in order to allow for the best possible outcome.