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Dealing with vascular problems in HIV patients

One thing an HIV specialist in Midtown will track throughout your treatment is the manifestation of any cardiac or vascular problems. Thankfully, patients with HIV are living much longer lives these days. However, that means specialists are now faced with other challenges, like dealing with problems that come with aging. Cardiac problems in HIV patients are prime examples of things that weren’t even considered in the early1990s. Now, patients are living long enough to be at risk for CVD as well.

A patient testing positive for HIV shows decreased cholesterol and increased triglycerides, which can be major contributing factors to cardiovascular disease. Chronic inflammation of the arteries can also impact vascular problems in HIV patients. Usually, there is a low occurrence of cardiac problems in HIV patients, but if you are a high-risk patient, certain treatments can increase that risk. It’s important that an HIV specialist in Midtown really evaluate your risk.

In-office screening procedures are common for an HIV specialist in Midtown because there is a focused dedication on preventing any further health issues. Treatment can begin the sooner a specialist diagnoses cardiac problems in HIV patients and that means less damage will be done to the heart. A specialist must monitor any treatment closely, as they are trained to watch for signs of vascular problems in HIV patients. These problems can indicate a serious health problem and need to be dealt with right away.

It’s important that you are able to recognize signs of cardiac problems as soon as they arise. Common symptoms include chest pain that can travel to your arm or shoulder, a feeling like heartburn, or shortness of breath. These symptoms will usually precede a heart attack, which is a sign of a more serious cardiac or vascular issue. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you can begin treatment or adjust your current treatment regimen. Cardiac and vascular problems need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to be cured.

Make sure your treatment is being monitored closely by an HIV specialist in Midtown. Report any abnormalities in your health as soon as possible and schedule an appointment to get it checked out. The specialist will usually provide screening services in-office and depending on the diagnosis, will recommend you to a cardiac (heart) or vascular (veins) specialist. Some conditions are categorized as both. Following up on that referral will get you the treatment you need.