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HIV And The Central Nervous System

There are a number of HIV side effects you may experience if you are infected with the disease. One of these effects includes central nervous system problems. You may experience weakness, seizures, headaches, language problems, dementia, cognitive problems, and coordination issues. The disorders can be a result of a neuropathy (a nerve disorder) or a myopathy (a muscle disorder), all linked back to the central nervous system.

One of the most common examples of a neurological infection is a cerebral toxoplasmosis, which damages the tissue of the brain. A dementia complex is also common, followed by HIV-related brain cancer. Toxoplasmosis is caused by protozoa that doesn’t normally cause a reaction in humans; however, HIV suppresses the immune system, leaving patients open to the infection. It can cause a brain abscess, which causes some of the symptoms mentioned above. HIV dementia is also among the common central nervous system problems. This will impact your judgment, common sense, reasoning, personality, and behavior. In terms of HIV related problems, this impacts your life a great deal and can’t always be treated effectively by medications. However, highly active antiretroviral therapy has contributed to reducing the percentage of patients with HIV dementia.  

The physical symptoms of HIV can be tough enough to deal with without the mental and psychological ones as well. Suffering from central nervous system problems, like dementia, impacts your morale and will to fight the disease. If issues between HIV and the central nervous system are impacting your day-to-day function, it can be a sign that HIV has progressed to AIDs. Medication will, ideally, help fight it and manage it for years to come. 

Lower Manhattan HIV Testing

Screening for HIV related problems early on in the course of your infection will give you an advantage when it comes to treating and managing the problems. HIV related central nervous system problems, for example, can be managed effectively when it’s caught early enough. Treating those issues will be part of your HIV treatment as well. Lower Manhattan HIV testing will reveal a diagnosis early so a specialist can move forward with screening for HIV related problems as well.

You should always make sure you are getting the best medical care, particularly for diseases like HIV and it’s related symptoms and central nervous system problems. An HIV specialist in Lower Manhattan will diagnose you quickly and accurately, providing you with the best possible treatment to keep you as healthy and as cognizant as possible.